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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Stagecoach buy First Wigan and Bluebird of Manchester

Stagecoach announce that they plan to buy First Wigan and Bluebird of Manchester (as long as the TC gives it the green light.

First currently run 50 percent of the bus network in wigan with the other 50 percent being made up of SLT, Maytree, Arriva, Wigan buses limited and Stagecoach Prestons 113 service

Once the deal is sorted this will see Firsts new depot a locket road handed over to Stagecoach along with over 100 buses and over 300 staff and will see Stagecoach become the main company in Wigan running just over 50 percent of the market. the TC should give this one the go ahead since Stagecoach only have the 1 service in Wigan at present, the sum of money was agreed at 12mil

The Bluebird sale is far different than the first Wigan sale for so many reasons, Bluebird run only 2 percent of services in Manchester (a lot of them being tenders) however they are located in a key area for attacking First who are already trying to re-group however will the TC allow it with stagecoach already running a high number of services in Manchester, if the sale is allowed their greengate depot along with their 40 buses and around 70 staff will all go to Stagecoach  the sum of money was agreed at 2 mil

looking over the 2 possible expansions for Stagecoach it would boost their presence in Greater Manchester a hell of a lot. i think that First was not aware that Stagecoach was after Bluebird as it now puts stress on First and they would not of sold the Wigan depot to them, i should think the Wigan depot sale will be confirmed as i cant see why i will not be but the Bluebird one is a different story, the information for the wigan depot sale is expected early December and the Bluebird sale is expected early next year.

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