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Sunday, 18 August 2013

A Day Trip To Rhyl

Today (17/08/13) Myself and a mate of mine decided we would visit the Holiday town of Rhyl located in North Wales to get a few rides and photos of the Open top Bus Service ran by Arriva's Rhyl Depot.

The Day started by getting Arriva St Helens Wright Pulsar 2 with the Fleetnumber 2969 and Registration Plate MX09 OOY  on route 10A from Thatto Heath Train Station to St Helens Bus Station. i found this to be a good Bus, i did not notice any rattles and it was quick of the line so i enjoyed the ride to St Helens.

I then met up with my mate then dashed across St Helens Bus Station to the Bingo Hall just after it so we could get Arriva St Helens Plaxton Pointer Dart with the Fleetnumber 2238 and Registration Plate X238 ANC from St Helens Bus Station to Earlstown Bus Station. This Bus had just come into the Depot from Wythenshawe Depot, The Bus was an ok example, it was slightly slow and did rattle slightly from the rear window and the doors was slow to open and shut, i also did not like the Bus as it is fitted with the Urban 90 seats that have little padding on and feel really hard on your Backside, i was happy to get of this Bus.

After the Short Walk from Earlstown Bus Station to Earlstown Railway Station we boarded Arriva Trains Wales 175115 from Earlstown Railway Station to Rhyl Railway Station, This has to of been the worst example of a Train Service i have ever seen, I got on the 3rd (and last) carriage and had to stand up, when we got to Warrington Bank Quay the Train had a full standing load and left people behind then when we got to Runcorn East we left everyone behind, we let very few on at Frodsham and left everyone Behind at Helsby, I was glad when we Reached Chester as the majority of the Train got off, Arriva should of put 2 Trains together knowing that the Chester Races was on. Until this day i have never seen a Train Leaving people behind and i hope i never have to be cramped on a Train like that again.

Once Arriving in Rhyl we went straight into the Bus Station to see what was out in service, we also ended up getting a few photos aswell.

Y543 UJC Leaving Rhyl Bus Station.
We Then decided to get a ride on Arriva Rhyl 3987 On Route 1 to Pensarn Railway Station, This was a lovley Bus that was rapid of the line, i think this was the best Open Topper i went on this day.

E227 WBG Leaving Pensarn Station for Talcare
top deck of E227 WBG

Once in Pensarn i decided to take a look around the Train Station, the Train Station is located right next to the beech.

After that a decided to get something to eat then go back to the Bus Stop to get the next Open topper that turned out to be Arriva Rhyl 3999 on Service 1 to Rhyl Bus Station, it rained so i spent most of the trip on the lower deck, there was a smell of fuel at the back of the Bus aswell.
D424 FYM waiting to continue to Talacre
When we got of the Bus we went Straight over to Arriva Rhyl 3998 on route 1 to Pensarn Station. Again i spent the ride on the lower Deck for the trip, See our Facebook Page for a Video Clip of this Bus.

I then spent some time in Pensarn again, this time for my Dinner and a quick look in a shop or 2 before getting my Last Open topper of the day, that being Arriva Rhyl Open Topper 3997 on Route 1 to Rhyl Bus Station, during this Trip the driver stopped to get a photo of an unusual Rainbow so i decided to get a photo of it myself, The Bus itself was great, nice a fast of the line and really comfy with it having bench seats
 After we got back to Rhyl we went straight for our Train back to Earlstown Railway Station, we had Arriva Trains Wales 175105 that gave a better ride than the train did in the morning, we enjoyed a nice trip back to Earlstown with a nice cup of Coffee we bought on the Train.

Once back in Earlstown we went straight for our 34 back to St Helens Town Centre, we ended up having Arriva St Helens Wright Pulsar 2 2986, The Bus was an ok Example as there was nothing Special about it but there was nothing wrong with it.

Dispite the Weather being Slightly Bad at times we still enjoyed our trip to Rhyl and maybe we will do it again soon!

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  1. Glad you had a good day in Rhyl and a good write up aswell, keep it up Terence