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Sunday, 21 October 2012

A day in Chester 21/10/12

Today along with a friend David Davies i went to Chester for the day as none of us had been on a Sunday

The first bus of the day was Arriva St helens Wright Pulsar 2 3024 on route 10A to Liverpool Queens square bus station, This bus was really slow as we had a bad driver but at least it was rattle free so it was a slow bus comfy ride to Liverpool

I then met David Davies who had gone ahead for a few photos in the bus station. then for a coffee 

We then went over for the 1 to Chester bus station and the bus was first Chester Wright Axcess ultralow 61533, The bus was a fast example and was almost rattle free, I was not expecting this out on a sunday!

We then took the chance to get a few photos of the buses out on the day, here are some of the bus photos i took

CX12 DTK in Chester, took me by surprise but i have taken worse shots
this bus is new to Chester depot
CX58 ETZ on route 10 to connahs quay 
Arrowbrook HX51 LSL on route 51, i did not expect see them in Chester
today but it seems to be their only service to Chester on a Sunday
First Chester R16 GSF on route 16A 
V373 KLG on route 8 to pipers ash
First YN05 WKF on route 1 to Liverpool 
After spending around an hour in Chester we decided to start heading back.

our return bus to Liverpool was First Scania Solar 65740 on route 1, This bus had a powerful engine with a good turn of speed, each time the lady driver put her foot down the engine would roar, The bus was also very comfy so i was impressed with this bus, one of the best i ever been on with First.

We nipped for food at Liverpool before catching Arriva St Helens pulsar 2 2979 on route 10A home, This bus was fast however did rattle a bit, the bus had a standing load for most of the trip so i see myself thinking does this route not require double deckers, you decide that.

1 comment:

  1. Arrowbrook run the 51's on Sundays, First do them Monday to Saturday. Arrowbrook don't really have a presence in Chester.