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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Arriva Green lane overlook October and November

Well a lot has changed at Green lane over the last 2 months with buses arriving and departing the fleet some for scrap others to be stored at other locations in this post i aim to update everyone over the recent changes at green lane


Well lets start of with 4 T-PNC Marshall Darts that have been withdrawn 7612 and 7614 are currently stored at Wrexham depot whereas 7613 and 7616 are sat on the scrap line missing loads of different bits and bobs. at the time of writing all the V-DVU Marshalls at Green lane remain in service

Also on the scrap line is Plaxton prestige 2403 that is leaning to one side so looks like this was withdrawn due to a major fault, its sister bus 2402 is in Warrington Coachways yard looking like its got something to do with Warrington bus sales

The last Plaxton pointer 1 dart in service with Arriva north west 2103 has at last been withdrawn and looking like its departed for scrap as its no longer in the depot

Going from the last of a type to be withdrawn to the first of a type to be withdrawn Wright renown 2721 is withdrawn for scrap after catching fire while on route 6 to warrington, its currently at St Helens having all reusable parts taken out for other renown's 

Also withdrawn is 2310 that was withdrawn start of this week with the rest at Green lane due to follow soon

Also withdrawn is the last KHN dart of the north west 2133 this has since left the depot so looking like its for scrap.


In from Arriva speke is Wright Cadet 2551 and Wright Commanders 2578,2579 and 2580 that are all here to stay having replaced Green Lanes aging stock 

In from Arriva Bootle is Marshall Darts 7626,7638 and 7645 again replacing Green lanes aging stock

In from Arriva Birkenhead depot is ALX 300's 2404,2409,2411 and 2414 now again these have replaced older buses but i also feel that these have come here so the entire batch are together to make them more easy to replace. also in from Birkenhead is DJC darts 2344 and 2345

In Other Green Lane news i can confirm that 2407 take went up in flames in the city centre a few months back is for scrap its at St Helens depot having all good parts taken out.

We aim to do this once a month so people are in the loop of changes at Green Lane depot 

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