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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Merseytravel Announce 5 new services connecting workers with the Jaguar factory

Merseytavel will start 5 new services connecting employees with the Jaguar factory the services start on January 28th 2013, the services are paid for by the Department for Transport’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund the services run as follows: 

J1 Prescot bus station - Huyton bus station - Belle Vale interchange - Halewood shopping centre - Jaguar Factory click here for timetable 

J2 Tower hill - Kirkby bus station - Jaguar factory click here for timetable

J3 Bootle bus station - Broad green hospital - Hunts cross merseyrail station - Jaguar factory click here for timetable

J4 Liverpool one bus station - Liverpool south parkway - Jaguar factory click here for timetable

J5 Jaguar factory - Prescot (high street) -Kirkby bus station - Tower hill click here for timetable

Its always nice to see new routes start and its rare to see routes started to benefit a company however i feel that this new network will work and who knows maybe this is just the beginning for the J network. as far as am aware everyone can use these services aswell so maybe people not going to the factory will use part of the route time will tell on this.

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