High Peak Buses Fleet Update - July 2022

Welcome everyone to my latest post. For this one I will be outlining recent fleet changes at High Peak Buses as it has been a busy month throughout July with many vehicle ins and outs at the Dove Holes Depot. 

First of all a total of 12 buses are confirmed as gone for scrap and one more transferred out of the fleet, these consist of the following;

MAN 12.240 / Plaxton Centro 649 FJ59FYS & 650 FJ59FYT 

Scania L94UB / Wright Solar 691 FN04HSV | 692 FN04HTP | 693 FN04HTU | 694 FN04HSC | 695 FN04HSL | 696 FN04HSX | 697 FN04HTC | 698 FN04HTT

Scania CN230UB / OmniCity 789 YN07EXP

Mercedes Citaro 802 FM11EJC 

Scania K230UB / Wright Solar 704 B5WER (YN08OAJ) has transferred to Chaserider at Cannock Depot and been repainted into fleet red livery

694 FN04HSC is seen on the Skyline 199 arriving into Buxton back in June 2018
704 B5WER (YN08OAJ) seen in Matlock on the TransPeak to Buxton in June 2019 

July also saw some vehicles arrive into the fleet these being; 

Volvo B7RLE / Plaxton Centro 763 YN08CWV (On Loan from Notts & Derby)

Scania K230UB / OmniLink 726 H2UHL (YT09FME) & 727 H3UHL (YT09FMF) both of these have transferred in from Centrebus Leicester 

Finally several vehicles have spent a lot of time off the road recently as follows;

ADL Enviro200 526 YX65RFZ is VOR with Front End RTA Damage

Scania CN94UB / OmniCity 788 YN06CJE is off the road for Head Gasket repairs 

Mercedes Citaro 806 BF62JYZ spent a few weeks off the road whilst a new Diff was fitted but is now back in service

Mercedes Citaro 809 BK13XYG is also off the road awaiting a new engine

809 BK13XYG seen in the old Stockport Bus Station on Route 199 to 
Manchester Airport back in July 2020

That is all for now thanks for reading and check back soon for further updates!