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Friday, 5 April 2013

Maytree Travel cease Trading

Passengers in Bolton, Wigan, Leigh and Manchester found themselves without a bus service yesterday when local company Maytree Travel pulled all their services of the road around 2pm yesterday afternoon, the firm had been trying to get insurance for their company as their current insurance runs out at midnight on the 6th of April but clearly they was unable to find an insurance company who would insure them and in turn that has lead to the company being shut down .

Now Maytree have shut down a lot of services are off the road, i have made a list of these on here regarding whats not running.

31 Farnworth - Manchester (Mon- Sat trips only)
95 Bury - Salford shopping city (Mon - Sat trips only)
96 Manchester - Simster (all trips)
273 Rawtenstall - Bolton (sunday trips)
495 Simster - Prestwich (all trips)
507 Bolton - Harwood (mon-sun evening service)
510 Bolton - bury (mon-sun evening service)
519 Bolton - Johnson fold (mon - sat evening service) 
512 Bolton - Bury (all trips)
513 Bolton - Bury (all trips)
516 Leigh - Horwich (eve/sun trips)
525 Bolton - Halliwell (all trips)
526 Bolton - Barrow bridge (all trips)
527 Bolton - halliwell (all trips)
534 Bolton - Oldham estate (mon - sat evening and sunday daytime service)
536 Bolton - beightmet (mon - sat evening and sunday daytime service)
538 Bolton - Egerton (evening and sunday service)
539 Bolton - Egerton (evening and sunday service)
544 Bolton - little leaver (all trips)
551 Leigh - Bolton (all trips)
553 Leigh - Bolton (all trips)
559 Bolton - Aspull (all trips)
561 Bolton - Withins (mon -sun evening service)
562 Bolton - Withins (mon - sun evening service)
570 Bolton - Sutton estate (all trips)
571 Bolton - Great Lever (mon - sun evening service)
572 Bolton - Great Lever (mon - sun evening service)
575 Bolton - Horwich (mon - sun evening service)
576 Bolton - Wigan (all trips)
583 Leigh - Hag Fold (all trips)
584 Leigh - Crankwood (mon - sat evening and sunday daytime service) 
597 Leigh sports village - Boothstown (all trips)
612 Wigan - Wrightington Hospital
680 Leigh - ??? (all trips)
714 Bolton - Aspull
715 Bolton - Wigan (evening and sunday service)

Already theres been some movement with the sunday 273 service passing onto Rossendale who already run the other trips and the 680 timetable has been removed from the system so looking unlikely that will return

another blog post will follow when it becomes clear what has happened to all the services listed above.


  1. This is a major shame and I hope all of the employees manage to find new jobs at Stagecoach, First and other local independent companies.

  2. First are taking on:
    Following the collapse of Maytree Travel on Thursday 4 April, Transport for Greater Manchester have awarded contracts for services previously run by Maytree to other operators.

    At First, we're pleased to announce that we'll be running these services from 7 April:

    31 Manchester - Swinton - Walkden - Farnworth (Mon-Sat daytime)
    95 Salford Shopping Centre - Prestwich - Whitefield (Mon-Sat daytime)
    507 Bolton - Harwood (Every evening)
    510 Bolton - Withins - Walshaw - Bury (Mon-Sat evening)
    519 Bolton - Johnson Fold (Mon-Sat evening)
    525/527 Bolton - Astley Bridge (Mon-Sat daytime)
    561/562 Bolton - Withins (Every evening)
    571/572 Bolton - Great Lever (Every evening)
    575 Bolton - Horwich (Mon-Sat evenings)

    Timetables will be available in Forthcoming Timetables on Saturday 6 April and then in
    Current Timetables from Sunday 7 April.

    Customers with FirstDay, FirstWeek, FirstMonth and FirstAnnual tickets will be able to use them on the above services.

    In addition to the above, from 15 April we'll be running these school services:

    Y32 Standish High School
    Y38 Smithhills School
    Y41 Mount Joseph's High School
    Y57 Standish High School
    Y62 Cansfield College
    Y64 St Edmund Arrowsmith High School
    Y70 Standish High School