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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Stagecoach Gillmoss - Buses on loan

This week has seen a number of Buses loaned to Gillmoss Depot from Other Stagecoach Depots and outside Dealers to cover for a high number of VOR Buses

On Loan from Chester Depot is Alexander Pointer Dart 34604, There is talk of it staying here full time as Alexander Pointer Dart 34799 is Withdrawn due to major RTA damage

On Loan from Rock Ferry Depot is Four Wright Renows them being:

21117 W466 CRN

W466 CRN on route 19
W466 CRN while on the road

21120 X113 JFV

21121 X114 JFV

X114 JFV on route 19
X114 JFV on route 17

21122 X116 JFV
X116 JFV on route 17

X116 JFV on route 17
One thing worth noting is these Wright Renowns where new to this Depot and have served here for most of their Life under companys CMT, GTL and Stagecoach.

Saving the best to the last there are two MAN Meridians currently here on Loan from Ferrymill Motors of Torrance Only one has seen service so fat that being SF08 ROH with the Fleetnumber FM34 

SF08 ROH Sorry not in Service
As can be seen there has been 7 Buses loaned to Gillmoss Depot this week and with the Renowns needed back at Rock Ferry for School Services the Question is will Gillmoss get more loans this coming week?

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