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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Stagecoach buy JPT of Middleton

On the 25th April Stagecoach Announced they had Bought JPT of Middleton with the takeover date for April 26th, JPT Operated a number of Commercial Services, TFGM Supported Services and School Services Using a huge Variety of Buses

516 S156 KNK in Manchester
 JPT have been around for 40 years starting in 1974 founded by Janet and Peter Walsh, JPT Entered the Bus Market in 1987 and it did not take long for a Network of Services to get Established, The Company has mainly focused on North Manchester however they do run a few TFGM Supported Services in the South of Manchester, In 2007 JPT took over Services ran by Ashall's Coaches and the Vale of Manchester Services soon after.

431 R872 LHG in NMGH
In 2010 Janet and Peter Walsh Retired and past the running of the Company to their son Mark.

151 P2 JPT in NMGH
On the 15th May 2011 JPT (Then using their Eurobus brand) Started to operate on service 17, This Competing against First Manchester who already ran on this service, At First JPT only ran the service from Manchester to Middleton but later extended it beyond Middelton to Rochdale, by 2013 The Eurobus Brand had been dropped and all Buses had been moved to the JPT Brand

152 S3 JPT in NMGH
In January 2013 JPT Withdrew of the 17 (bar One school trip) so they could compete more against Stagecoach on the 112/113 Manchester - Middelton Services.

501 H159 BKH in Manchester Shudhill

In September 2013 JPT Decided to reinstate their 17 Service but only between Manchester and Middleton, This time the service did not prove popular so was withdrawn along with the 112 in January 2014

401 BU53 PNV in Moston

for the Rest of 2014 JPT tried to compete for Moston and NMGH with their 118 and 156 services by lowing their fares, In April JPT lowered their Day Saver to £2 and added a special offer onto their Weekly tickets where if you bought it on Friday it would only cost you £5, These offers where short lived as on April 26th Stagecoach took over the Services and replacing all their Buses on Day One.

512 P825 SGP in Manchester

The 2002 Bus Group would like to wish all Employees of JPT Luck working with Stagecoach, As Proven in this Photo JPT had a good some Great Staff working with the Firm

501 H159 BKH in Manchester

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