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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Arriva St Helens Depot Focus October 2014

Its been a while since i have made a Blog Post however, i am happy to confirm that i will be Writing an Arriva St Helens Depot Focus every Month so long as theres something to report.

This month has seen the last V Reg Dart taken out of service, This being Dennis Dart SLF Plaxton Pointer 2 2350 V580 DJC.

Also Withdrawn from service is Dennis Dart's SLF Plaxton Pointer 2's 2209 (X209 ANC) 2213 (X213 ANC) and 2242 (X242 HJA)

Dennis Dart SLF 2209 X209 ANC on route 20

Also Withdrawn is Dennis Dart SLF Alexander 200 2269 (X269 OBN)

Dennis Dart SLF Alexander 200 2269 X269 OBN on Service 356.
Joining the Depot is a pair of Wright Gemini 1's, them being 4200 (Y581 UGC) from Birkenhead and 4214 (LF02 PKO) from Bootle Depot, These will be used on the Busy 10/10A St Helens - Liverpool Services are expected to stay in the fleet until at least January 2015.

Wright Gemini 1 Y581 UGC on Service 10A

Also Joining the Fleet is Dennis Dart SLF Plaxton Pointer 2 2237 (X237 ANC) from Green Lane, This Bus is expected to remain here until its Withdrawal from Service.

Dennis Dart SLF 2337 X237 ANC on Service 620

This Month has also seen Wright Cadet 2491 (CX54 DFK) repainted into the Arriva Interurban Livery.

Departed from the Fleet for Scrap are Marshall Capital Darts 7634 (V634 DVU) 7647 (V647 DVU) and 7665 (V665 DVU)

Marshall Capital Dart 7634 V634 DVU on Service 320

Marshall Capital Dart 7647 V647 DVU on Service 10A

There has also been some Service Changes this Month:

Service 89 (St Helens - Liverpool Airport) Change from 26th October 2014

Service 89 has been re-timed in the Peak to improve Reliability of the service, this mean the PVR on Peak has increased by 1.

Timetable can be viewed Here

Service 329 (St Helens - Warrington/Daresbury Business Park)

Service 329 has been given a bit of Extra running time between Daresbury and Warrington on Peak due to the high Volume of Traffic.

Timetable can be viewed Here

This Month also brings good news for the Depot as 26 Alexander Dennis Enviro 400's are on order for Services 10/10A. This will be the first Brand New Double Deckers Delivered to St Helens since at least the 1990's when MTL where operating the Depot.

Thanks for reading our Blog Post, We are already looking forward to Writing up Novembers.

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