A Day On JPT Buses (Manchester) 13/11/13

Today i decided i would take a ride on some JPT Buses as they have a nice mixture i made a list of 10 Buses i wanted to catch up with on the day, 8 of them was out in service and i was able to catch up with 6!

The First Bus that was on my list and showed up was Wright Liberator 431 R873 LHG on route 118 Manchester Shudhill - North Manchester General Hospital.

I have done this type of trip with JPT 3 times since this Liberator entered Service with JPT and all 3 times its been the first Bus to show up! maybe i have picked up a Bus Stalker? Onto The Bus and again it was really fast however it has started to rattle slightly when you hit potholes. for a Bus of its age its in amazingly good nick.

The Next Bus on my List that showed up was Plaxton Pointer 1 P2 JPT on route 156 North Manchester General Hospital - Manchester Shudhill Bus Interchange.

This Bus is showing its age as it does rattle a lot and there was a bit of a smell of Fuel aswell however the Engine still sounded strong and had no trouble performing its duty.

P2 JPT on the 156
Next Bus on my list to show up was East Lancashire Spryte S3 JPT on route 118 Manchester Shudhill - North Manchester General Hospital

Having seeing this Bus on my last day trip on JPT Buses i decided i would catch it this time, The Bus was a very nippy little thing shooting of the line and reaching very good speeds! The Bus hardly even rattled, The only bad thing i could find with the Bus is the Bars inside the Bus could do with a repaint. One thing i should point out is the Driver was very friendly.

Next Bus i got on was Volvo B6 Alexander 200 183 P332 JND on route 156 North Manchester General Hospital - Manchester Shudhill Bus Interchange.

This Bus was not on my List to get but i decided to get it anyway! I thought the Buses Engine was great, It sounded Lovely and went through its gears at a relaxing pace, The Body felt quite Strong and hardly Rattled so i enjoyed the ride from start to finish.

After waiting a while for a Bus on my list to show up at last this Plaxton Pointer 1 Fleetnumber 514 and Reg Plate R462 XOM showed up on route 156 Manchester Shudhill Bus Interchange - North Manchester General Hospital.

The First thing i noticed was the Bus rattled loads when breaking and when Idle however again in the Engine Department The Bus Sounded Healthy so its performance was Good.

Next Bus i got was Plaxton President 534 Reg Plate PN02 XBV on route 118 North Manchester General Hospital - Manchester Shudhill.

As time was starting to get on i wanted to return to Manchester as quickly as possible, this was the first Bus to show up so i got it, I did not like this Bus as at all, All you could hear was the Cooling fan that seems to be switched on none stop and a pole rattle that was very annoying when its right next to your right Ear. One thing i did like however was the Fact the London Bus Talking System still works when someone presses the Bell to get of!

Next Bus of the Day was Northern Counties Palatine 512 P825 SGP on route 17 Manchester Shudhill - Middleton Bus Station.

With the Evening coming in i did not expect to see this Bus again but thankfully i caught it on its last trip, on thing i also noticed is it was on route 17 whereas at mid-day i noted it down on route 112/118 so i presume a Bus change had occurred, The first thing i noticed was there was a wire hanging of the roof at the front on the Top Deck of the Bus, i also found the Bus to be very bouncy as i was getting thrown about everywhere, I did however have a Good Engine and a good turn of Speed behind it! i did also notice on the front of the Bus a few pannels have been replaced but are painted White and not Yellow so they really stick out, Maybe if they are planning to keep the Bus for a while they could repaint the Pannels to fit in with the Livery?

Next Bus i got on was Wright Liberator 433 R873 LHG on route 112 Middleton Bus Station - Manchester Shudhill

Talk about saving the Best until last! It had lovely kickdown, a lovely Strong Engine, It was Rattle free! I loved this Bus ride from start to Finish!

Sadly i only took one other photo of JPT Buses on this Day, that being this:

Plaxton Primo YX60 DWU on route 17
Wrapping Things up Northern Counties Palatine 512 has gained another White Pannel at the front and Wright Liberator 433 has gained Flip Dots, Last time i seen the Bus it had no dests at all so glad its now gained some! My Next planned trip on JPT Buses is Wed 27th November 2013.

Other photos of JPT i have taken can be found on our Facebook page The Photos taken for This Blog will be online very Shortly.