Have you used Peoplesbus 111 Service yet?

Service Details

Peoplesbus began running Service 111 Alder Hay Hospital - Whiston Hospital on the 6th of October 2013. This Service has a frequency of hourly and runs via Stockbridge Village and Prescott Bus Station, This Service offers direct links that was before not available.

Mini Pointer Dart W869 YNB Employed on the 111 Service.

The Service has been set up using funding from the Department for Transports Local Sustainable Transport Fund. with the aim of the service lasting when the funding runs out in August.


Since it is a Tendered Service Merseytravel fares are being sold on the route that being:

Adults: £1:20
Child: 50p

It does not matter how far your going on the service as its a Flat Fare for the entire route!

Why is it important to use this service?

Services like this Depend on the Public to use it in order for it to survive into the Future. This service is also Important as it serves two Hospitals, Them being Alder Hay Children's Hospital and Whiston Hospital.


The Frequency is Hourly running Monday to Friday Daytime, see the Timetable for more Information


How can i keep up to date with Service changes?

Peoplesbus have a Facebook Page where they keep everyone to up date with all Service changes to their services.