Merseyside Independents Fleet Update November & December 2021

 First of all sorry the Blog Site has been quiet recently, I had a crazy December and have spent the last week updating my Computer setup which is now setup and ready to go, Anyway into the latest changes with the Independent Bus Operators within Merseyside:



Into the Fleet is Optare Solo PO56 RRV from Preston Bus

PO56 RRV on route 44


Withdrawn here is Transbus International Dart HIG 5674, Formally registered GX04 EYY



Optare Solo YJ12 GXC has been Reinstated here.

Happy Al's


Joining the Fleet is Volvo B9TL's SN59 BFO, SN59 BGE and SN59 BFX

Out The Fleet
Leaving the Fleet via Ensign Bus is Scania YN56 FBY

HTL Buses


Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 DK08 AZO has been reinstated following being Withdrawn in May.

Further Investigation Required

Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 DK08 AYV is long term VOR here and has been declared SORN, It has been reported on Social Media it will however return like AZO mentioned above.

DK08 AYV at Belle Vale

Optare Solo YJ61 MOF is another long term VOR at HTL, It has been declared SORN but i understand it has been sent away for repairs so should hopefully return soon.

YJ61 MOF on route 147

This concludes our update, Should there be any changes to report in January a post will follow in early February!