Volvo B5LH's for Go North West!

 Currently Go North West are getting Twenty Volvo B5LH MCV EvoSeti's from Go Ahead London to improve the Fleet age with Go North West

3068 BV66 VKW Not In Service

Here are the Fleetnumbers, Registrations and if they are in Service or not at the time of Writing:

3051 (MHV31) BG66 MHZ - In Service

3052 (MHV38) BG66 MJE - In Service

3053 (MHV39) BG66 MJF - in Service

3054 (MHV40) BG66 MJJ - In Service

3055 (MHV41) BG66 MJO - In Service

3056 (MHV43) BG66 MJU - In Service

3057 (MHV44) BG66 MJV - Not In Service

3058 (MHV47) BG66 MJX - Not In Service

3059 (MHV48) BG66 MJY - Not In Service

3060 (MHV34) BG66 MKA - In Service 

3061 (MHV35) BG66 MKC - In Service

3062 (MHV36) BG66 MKD - In Service

3063 (MHV49) BV66 VGU - Not In Service 

3064 (MHV42) BV66 VHA - In Service

3065 (MHV45) BV66 VHC - Not In Service

3066 (MHV46) BV66 VHD - In Service

3067 (MHV37) BV66 VHG - In Service

3068 (MHV30) BV66 VKW - In Service

3069 (MHV32) BV66 VKX - In Service

3070 (MHV33) BV66V KZ - In Service

Any not yet in Service should be in the coming weeks!

3067 BV66 VHG on Route 17

With these Buses coming into the Fleet this leads the way to older Buses leaving the Fleet, The final former First Wright Eclipses have been Withdrawn from Service while it is understood some or all the 07 Plate Wright Eclipse Gemini's will transfer to Go North East.

3054 BG66 MJJ on Route 67

At the time of writing Fourteen 07 Plate Wright Eclipse Gemini's are still in Service here.