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Thursday, 12 September 2019

Fourteen New MMC's for Stagecoach Morecambe!

During August Stagecoach Morecambe Depot took delivery of a further Fourteen Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 MMC's for use on the 100 Between Morecambe and Lancaster University and the X2 from Heysham and Lancaster University.

11205 SK19 EVW on route 100

The Fourteen new Buses displace older 12 Plate Alexander Dennis Enviro 400's that operated the route before.

11208 SK19 EWA Bus Reversing

The Fleetnumber's and Registration Plates are as follows:

11202 - SK19 EVT
11203 - SK19 EVU
11204 - SK19 EVV
11205 - SK19 EVW
11206 - SK19 EVX
11207 - SK19 EVY
11208 - SK19 EWA
11209 - SK19 EWB
11210 - SK19 EWC
11211 - SK19 EWD
11212 - SK19 EWE
11213 - SK19 EWF
11214 - SK19 EWG
11215 - SK19 EWH

11214 SK19 EWG on route 100

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Friday, 6 September 2019

Merseyside Independents Fleet Update August 2019

This month has seen a good number of changes to the local Independent Fleet on Merseyside

A2B Travel

Optare Solo MX57 CCY has been Withdrawn

MX57 CCY on route 154

Aintree Coaches

Into The Fleet
Trident SN04 AAK has joined the Fleet

Als Coaches

Into The Fleet
Scania's YN56 NVC and YN07 EXM have joined the Fleet


Out The Fleet
Optare Solo's MX08 DHL and MX08 DHV have joined the Chalkwells Fleet.

Optare Solo MX08 DGV has been Withdrawn.

HTL Buses

Rohill Harrier VO52 XUC has been Withdrawn

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Sunday, 25 August 2019

Ten Streetdecks for Diamond Bus North West!

This month saw the Introduction of Ten Brand New Wrightbus Streetdecks for Diamond Buses Bolton Depot as part of an ongoing investment into the Fleet.

40705 SO19 MWA on route 8

Rotala PLC Trading as Diamond Bus took over the Bolton Depot from First on the 11th August, The Ten Streetdecks are the first Brand New Buses bought for the Bolton Depot under the Diamond Bus ownership with more to be delivered, A further three are expected to enter service next week.

40704 SO19 MVY on route 8

The Registrations and Fleet Numbers for the Ten Streetdecks are as follows:

40701 - SK19 EYW
40702 - SK19 EYU
40703 - SO19 MWE
40704 - SO19 MVY
40705 - SO19 MWA
40706 - SO19 MVZ
40707 - SO19 MVX
40708 - SO19 MWC
40709 - SO19 MWD
40710 - SO19 MWF

40703 S019 MWE on route 36

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Friday, 16 August 2019

Northern Rail To Withdraw their Class 319 Trains

Northern Rail have confirmed they have reached and Agreement with Porterbrook to Retain their Seventeen Class 323s along with an agreement to take on the Twenty-six examples due to be released by London North Western Railways, This will allow the Class 319s who are also owned by Porterbrook to be retired from Service. 

Northern Rail 319361 at Thatto Heath

The Original plan was for Northern to release their allocation of Class 323s and retain the Class 319s however the 323s are far better performance wise and are newer than the outgoing Class 319s. 

Northern Rail 323239 at Liverpool Lime Street

Class 319s currently in operation with Northern Rail are 319361 - 319386 along with 319446, Twenty Seven in total. No date has been given for when the Class 319s will be retired.

319382 at Manchester Piccadilly
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Monday, 12 August 2019

Northern Rail Withdraw their first Pacer Train

Today We say goodbye to the first Northern Rail Class 142 Pacer Train to be taken out of Service, It will be replaced by incoming Class 195 and Class 331 Trains built by CAF.

David Brown the Managing Director for Northern Rail said
"I'm Very pleased to announce that the first Pacer Train to retire from Northern will carry its last customers today, Monday 12th August.
The retirement of the first Pacer is a significant milestone for Northern Because, Along with the Introduction of new Trains, It shows that we are making real progress with improving our Customers Experience.
Unit 142005 first went into Service on 20th February 1987 and has traveled over 3 Million Miles in 32 Years, It will be carrying Passengers for the last time on its final day of Operation between Manchester Victoria and Stalybridge
Pacer Trains will start to be retired from the Northern Network on a phased basis over the coming months. A further six Pacers are also being taken out of Daily Service next week and will be stored at Heaton Depot so that they could be made available to use in exceptional Circumstances.
The Pacers have served us well since the 1980s and should be celebrated, But our new and Refurbished fleet give our Customers a much improved experience and Modern facilities.
we now had 10 state of the art new Trains in Service, with a further Five new Train entering service this week two more Trains on the Liverpool Lime Street and Manchester Airport and three more Trains on our Cumbria to Manchester Airport Routes. The planned gradual deployment of the rest of the 101 new Trains will continue throughout 2019 and into 2020, The new Trains are being introduced on longer-distance routes, Allowing existing Trains on these routes to be redeployed and replace the Retiring Pacers.
Alongside new Trains 60% of our Existing Fleet has also now been Refurbished, The Class 150s and 155s are all finished and the refurbishment of the Class 323s has now begun"

142005 at Manchester Piccadilly
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Sunday, 11 August 2019

Merseyside Independents Fleet Changes July 2019

This month was quiet which saw only a couple of changes to the local Fleet. Sorry this post is last but i have been busy recently, Here are the changes



Optare Solo MX09 MKA has been Withdrawn.

MX09 MKA on route C5

HTL Buses


Volkswagen SF05 GGK is now Withdrawn

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Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Merseyside Independents Fleet Updates for June

June has been a quite month with very little to write up about, Here is what did happen


Optare Solo's MX08 DHL and MX08 DHV have been Reinstated.

Optare Alero YN54 LLF has been Withdrawn.

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