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Saturday, 7 July 2018

Stagecoach North West Fleet Changes 5th July 2018

There have been a lot of Fleet Changes since my Last Blog Post, Here is all the Updates:

Transferred from Stagecoach South to Gillmoss Depot are Scania Enviro 400s 15585 (GX59 JYS), 15586 (GX59 JYT), 15588 (GX10 HAA), 15589 (GX10 HAE) 15590 (GX10 HAO), 15591 (GX10 HAU), 15592 (GX10 HBA), 15593 (GX10 HBB), 15594 (GX10 HBC), 15595 (GX10 HBD), 15596 (GX10 HBE), 15597 (GX10 HBF), 15598 (GX10 HBG) And 15599 (GX10 HBH), These are to increase Capacity on Gillmoss Services.

Transferred from Stagecoach Fife to Gillmoss Depot are Volvo B9TL's 16951 (MX07 BVA), 16952 (MX07 BVC), 16953 (MX07 BVD), 16954 (MX07 BVE), 16956 (MX07 BVG), 16957 (MX07 BVJ), 16958 (MX07 BVK) And 16959 (MX07 BVL). It is believed these are to undergo a Refurbishment then transfer to Chester Depot for Service work.

Reinstated at Carlisle is Dennis Trident 17692 (X702 JVV) For Seasonal Work.

X702 JVV on route 599

Dennis Trident 18385 (MX55 KSJ) Has Transferred from Rock Ferry to Gillmoss.

Reinstated at Kendal is MAN A300 22269 (X269 MTS)

Transferred from Gillmoss to Stagecoach West Scotland are Alexander Dennis Enviro 300's 27715 (PO11 BCK) 27720 (PO11 BCZ) and 27722 (PO11 BDF). More are expected to Transfer soon.

PO11 BCZ at Queen Square

Now in the Reserve Fleet at Gillmoss are Alexander Dennis Enviro 300's 27716 (PO11 BCU) and 27721 (PO11 BDF). These are being Prepared for Transfer.

PO11 BCU on route 10A

Transferred from Preston to Stagecoach South are Alexander Dennis Enviro 300's 27774 (PO61 NTM) and 27775 (PO61 NTN)

Transferred from Gillmoss to Stagecoach South is Alexander Dennis Enviro 300 27780 (PO12 HTE)

PO12 HTE on route 2

Transferred from Gillmoss to Preston are Alexander Dennis Enviro 300's 27893 (SN63 MZL), 27894 (SN63 MZU), 27895 (SN63 MZP), 27896 (SN63 MZT) And 27897 (SN63 MZO)

SN63 MZL on route 10A

Transferred from Gillmoss to Rock Ferry is Alexander Dennis Enviro 300 27898 (SN63 MZW)

Transferred from Kendal to Barrow is Dennis Dart SLF 37411 (PX05 ENP)

Transferred from Kendal to the Reserve Fleet at Barrow is Dennis Dart SLF 34712 (PX05 ENR)

Transferred from Kendal to Lillyhall are Dennis Dart SLF's 34713 (PX05 ENT) And 34714 (PX05 EKH)

Transferred from Kendal to the Reserve Fleet at Lillyhall is Dennis Dart SLF 34719 (PX05 EKN)

Reinstated at Gillmoss is Dennis Dart SLF 34808 (PX55 EHE) To improve Availability of Darts for the 204 Service.

PX55 EHE on route 17

Transferred from Stagecoach London is Transbus International Dart 34382 (LX03 BZP). This is to be stripped of usable parts for the Alexander Dennis Darts that are allocated here.

Reinstated at Kendal are Alexander Dennis Enivor 200's 36100 (MX59 JBV), 36101 (MX59 JBY), 36104 (MX59 JCO), 36105 (MX59 JCU) And 36106 (MX59 JCV)

Transferred from the Reserve Fleet at Manchester to Stagecoach West Scotland are Optare Solos 47822 (MK59 BLU) 47823 (ML59 BLU)

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Thursday, 5 July 2018

Merseyside Independents Fleet Update June 2018

This month has seen a handful of changes on Merseyside including a number of Buses being Reinstated!

Al's Coaches

New into the Fleet is Volvo B7TL LX06 DYU

Hattons Travel

Transbus Enviro 300 SN03 WMJ has been Reinstated

HTL Buses

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter's BF62 JZT, BF62 JZU have been Reinstated

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Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Merseyside Indpendents Fleet Update - May 2018

This month has overall been quiet but there was a couple of changes to report:

Avon Buses

Dennis Dart's KP51 UFK (151), V187 ERG (187) and KU52 YLB (252) have been Withdrawn

V187 ERG on route 77

Plaxton President's Y173 NLK (173) and Y174 NLK (174) Have been Withdrawn

Y173 NLK on route 23

Caetano Nimbus KU02 YBB (202) and KU02 YBD (302) have been Withdrawn

KU02 YBD on route 18

HTL Buses


Optare Solo SR YD63 VCG has been Reinstated following RTA Repairs.

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Friday, 25 May 2018

Stagecoach North West Fleet Changes 19th May 2018

Here is a round up of the recent changes with Stagecoach Merseyside & South Lancashire, Cumbria & North Lancashire and Manchester, A lot has changed in the last few weeks. I plan to write these monthly from now on.

Volvo Olympian's 16119 (R119 XNO), 16639 (P263 VPN) and 16649 (R249 NBV) Have left the fleet.

Volvo Olympian 16670 (S904 JHG) Is now in Reserve

Dennis Trident 17198 (V198 MEV) Has been Reinstated at Carlisle

Dennis Trident 18139 (PX04 DMZ) Is now in Reserve

Dennis Trident 18378 (MX55 KRK) Has been Reinstated at Gillmoss

Dennis Trident 18385 (MX55 KSJ) Has been Reinstated at Rock Ferry

Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 19116 (MX07 HNA) has moved from Middleton to Hyde Road

Alexander Dennis Enivro 400's 19349 (MX08 UCV) 19365 (MX08 UDU) 19390 (MX58 FSD) 19391 (MX58 FSE) AND 19392 (MX58 FSF) Have moved from Sharston to Stockport.

Volvo B10M's 20968 (R968 XVM) and 20982 (R982 XVM) have moved from Manchesters Training Fleet to Stagecoach South Training Fleet.

MAN 18.22's 22056 (MX53 FNC) 22090 (MX54 LRV) and 22091 (MX54 LRY) have moved from Ashton to Disposal

MAN Enviro 300's 22872 (SP09 DPF) and 22874 (SP09 DPN) Are now in Reserve

SP09 DPN Not in Service
MAN Enviro 300's 24132 (PO59 HXX) 24133 (PO59 HXY) and 24137 (PO59 HYC) have moved from Preston to Gillmoss 

PO59 HXX on route 14
MAN Enviro 300 24135 (PO59 HYA) has moved from Preston to Rock Ferry

PO59 HYA on route 21
MAN Enviro 300 24156 (PO59 MWK) has moved from Chester to Rock Ferry 

PO59 MWK on route 21 to Northwood

Optare Versa Hybrid 25343 (YJ11 ENP) has left the fleet

Alexander Dennis Enviro 300's 27825 (MX62 LTJ) 27826 (MX62 LTN) and 27827 (MX62 LTY) have moved from Middleton to Ashton. 

MX62 LTJ on route 33
Aleander Dennis Enviro 300's 27888 (PE13 LTY) 27889 (PE13 LTK) 27900 (SN63 MZY) and 27903 (SN63 NAO) have moved from Gillmoss to Preston

SN63 MZY on route 10A
Scania Esteems 28513 (PO56 JDF) and 28514 (PO56 JDJ) have left the Fleet

Alexander Dennis Enviro 200's 36102 (MX59 JBZ) and 36103 (MX59 JCJ) Are now in Reserve

Alexander Dennis Enviro 200's 36416 (MX11 HGE) 36417 (MX11 HGF) 36418 (MX11 HGG) 36419 (MX11 HGJ) 36420 (MX11 HGK) and 36421 (MX11 HGL) Have moved from Stockport to Sharston

Alexander Dennis Enviro 200's 36422 (MX11 HGM) and 36428 (MX11 HHD) Are now in Reserve

Alexander Dennis Enviro 200's 36429 (MX11 HHE) 36430 (MX11 HHF) 36480 (MX12 GEY) 36481 (MX12 GCF) 36482 (MX12 GCK) and 36483 (MX12 GCO) Have moved from Stockport to Middleton

Dennis Dart SLF 34718 (PX05 EKM) Is now in Reserve

PX05 EKM on route 49
Dennis Dart SLF 35191 (NK56 FFM) has been Reinstated at Carlisle

Optare Solo 47035 (KX03 KYZ) has moved from Rock Ferry to Chester

Optare Solo 47623 (MX08 UPG) has moved from Middleton to Stockport

Optare Solo's 47822 (MK59 BLU) and 47823 (ML59 BLU) Are now in Reserve

Volvo B10M 52635 (S665 SDT) Has left the Fleet

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Friday, 20 April 2018

Stagecoach Merseyside & South Lancashire to take on Service 204

Stagecoach Gillmoss Depot are to take over Operation of Service 204 from Sunday 22nd April replacing Avon Buses 202/204 that is being Withdrawn. There will be a couple of differences to the Stagecoach 204 as it will be extended from Dingle Mount to Liverpool One Bus Station and from Alder Hey Hospital to Belle Vale Shopping Centre.

We Understand that the following Alexander Dennis Darts will be used on this service - 34743 (PX55 EDK) 34803 (PX55 EGY) 34804 (PX55 EGZ) 34808 (PX55 EHE)??, 34814 (PX06 DVY) And 34820 (PX06 DWF)

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Edit in Red 21/04/2018

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Arriva North West Fare Changes 18th March 2018

From the 18th March 2018 Arriva will be making a number of changes to their Ticket Prices and Tickets Available, Here is an overlook:


Single Tickets
No Change

Day Tickets
Merseyside Zone Day Ticket will be reduced to £4.40, The Liverpool Plus and Wirral Day Tickets are Withdrawn.

Weekly Tickets
The Merseyside Zone will be reduced to £15 until 28th April, The Southport Weekly Ticket is Withdrawn

CX58 EWW on route 414 to New Brighton

Greater Manchester

Single Tickets
Single Fares in Wythenshawe will not change, In Bolton they will increase by 10p, New Single Ticket introduced on Service 534 (Bolton - Oldhams Estate) Costing £1.50

Day Tickets
The Greater Manchester Day Ticket will now be £4.40

Weekly Tickets
The Greater Manchester Weekly Ticket will now be £15, The Weekly Ticket for Service 10 (Brookehouse - Manchester) will be £12, The Weekly Ticket for Bolton Services 534 (Bolton - Oldhams Estate) and 541 (Bolton - Toppings Estate) will be £12. New Horwich Weekly Ticket introduced Valid on Service 575 between Bolton and Horwich Crown Hotel and Service 576 Bolton - Horwich Old Lords Estate from 8th April costing £9.

MX59 FGD on route 362 to Chorley


Single Tickets
Single Fares will increase by 10p

Day Tickets
No Change

Weekly Tickets
No Change

CX07 CVB on route 4

The North West and Wales Weekly Ticket will also increase to £18

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Thursday, 1 March 2018

Merseyside Independents Fleet Update February 2018

This month we have changes from Two operators:


New Additions
Optare Versa's YJ61 JJK and YJ61 JJU are now in use, more are due out any day now

Out The Fleet
Optare Solo SRs YJ65 EUZ, YJ65 EVY, YJ16 DZO & YJ16 DZP are out the Fleet, YJ65 EUY should follow soon.

YJ16 DZP on route 139

HTL Buses

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter BF62 JZT and BF62 JZU have been Withdrawn

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