Impera Cease Trading

It was confirmed on Wednesday at 5pm that Impera who ran none tendered Services, Tendered Services and School Services on the Wirral and Liverpool had Ceased Trading, However some of their Drivers put their Names down to continue the Evening Service so people could get Home, These Drivers are a Credit to the Bus Industry as it shows just how committed these People are.

Impera Dart KU52 YLE on route 39.
So what will become of their services?

Their none tendered Services
31 New Brighton - Liverpool
39 West Kirby - New Brighton
98 Morton - Liverpool

Will not be replaced so in affect these Services are Withdrawn, However their
39C Service Calday Grammar School - New Brighton Will be replaced by Avon but will be Withdrawn on October 11th.

31A Service New Brighton - Liverpool will be replaced by Arriva running as Service 411 running between Woodside and New Brighton only.

Onto their Tendered Services and all have been replaced and will start today (Unless stated otherwise)

107 Town Meadow - New Brighton Now operated by Arriva
164 Woodside - New Ferry now operated by Avon 
165 Woodside - New Ferry now operated by Avon 
203 Woodside - Seacombe  now operated by Arriva (From October 6th!) 
207 Woodside - New Brighton now operated by Arriva
208 New Brighton - Town Meadow now operated by Arriva
213 Birkenhead - Arrowe Park Hospital now operated by Avon (From October 5th!)

Onto their School Services and all are now operated by Stagecoach Merseysides Birkenhead Depot, the services being

608 Woodchurch High School - Bidston (afternoon bus)
620 West Kirby Grammar School - Upton station (afternoon bus)
621 West Kirby Grammar School - Shrewsbury Rd (afternoon bus)
625 Oxton - St John Plessington School (morning bus)
625 Shrewsbury Rd - St John Plessington (morning bus)
628 Hilbre High School - Meols (afternoon bus)
633 Moreton Cross - Weatherhead High School (morning bus)
635 Town Meadow Lane - Liscard Village (morning bus)
636 Hoylake Rd - Wallasey School (morning bus)
637 Wallasey school - Hoylake Kings Gap (afternoon bus)
643 Pensby High School - Upton Station (afternoon bus)
662 Wirral Grammar Schools - Thingwall Corner (afternoon bus)
664 Woodchurch High School - Upton Village (afternoon bus)
703 Frankby - Shrewsbury Rd/Sandy Way (morning bus)
711 Ridgeway High School - Bebington Station (afternoon bus)

Stagecoach will be using 02 Plated SPD Darts from their Gillmoss (Liverpool) Depot to operate these School Services.

Rapping this all up its a huge shame that Merseyside has lost yet another Local Independent Bus Firm, Everyone at the 2002 Bus Group wishes Impera's Staff the Best of Luck finding work with another firm.