Merseyside Independents Fleet Updates October 2020

 Welcome back to a monthly update on Fleet Changes for Independent Bus Operators within Merseyside, Sorry the Post is late this month but i have had a busy start to November, Here are the changes for October.

Happy Al's

Into The Fleet
Joining the Happy Al's Fleet is Volvo B7RLE SN58 BYR

Hattons Travel

Transbus International Darts MX04 AXR and EU04 BVD are now Withdrawn and have been advertised for Sale online. EU04 BVD has been reported as Sold to Seaford and District While MX04 AXR has passed into Preservation.

EU04 BVD on route 297

HTL Buses

Out The Fleet
Rohill Harrier's X338 SKJ and VO52 XUC have Departed for Scrap.

Volkswagen LT46's SF05 GFJ, SF05 GGJ, SF05 GGK and SN56 EOU have Departed for Scrap.

Mercedes Benz Sprinters (Evobus) BX12 DZG, BF62 JZT, BF62 JZU, BF62 JZV and BF62 JZW have all Departed for Scrap.


Into The Fleet
Coming into the Fleet is Enviro 400 LK09 EKO 

RED Is Corrections/Additions.