Merseyside Independents Fleet Update December 2020 - March 2021

Welcome back to what is normally a Monthly Update for Changes to the Merseyside Independent Bus Operators Fleet Lists, I will provide an update from where we left off and will start posting these updates monthly again! We also have a couple of other Blog Posts in the works so keep an eye open for them, Anyway onto the changes!

Aintree Coaches

Into The Fleet
Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 LK58 KHR has joined the Fleet.

Volvo B7RLE SK07 CFU has joined the Fleet



Wright Gemini LX05 EZJ has been sold to Finches Coaches of Wigan

Optare Solo MX08 DHG has been Withdrawn.

Happy Als

Into the Fleet

The following B7RLE's has joined the Fleet, SN57 DCF, SN57 DDE, SN57 DCV, SN57 DCZ and SN57 DCU.

The following B9TL's have joined the Fleet, SN57 DDJ, SN57 DFO and SN57 DFE

Hattons Travel


Volvo Olympian N60 RFL has been Withdrawn

Wright Merit MV54 AOD has been Withdrawn

MV54 AOD on route 733

MCV Evolution AE08 KTK has been Withdrawn, We are unsure if it actually saw any use.

HTL Buses

Into The Fleet
Optare Solo L15 PPN has joined the Fleet from Torbay Buses

Optare Solo SR YJ12 PLZ has been Withdrawn following RTA Damage.

Out The Fleet

Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 DK08 AYU has departed for Scrap

DK08 AYU on route 188

Transbus International Dart DK04 SUH has departed for Scrap

DK04 SUH Displaying Not In Service

Thank you for reading this update on the Merseyside Independent Fleet Changes, These posts will now return to monthly assuming there are updates to post in that month!