Merseyside Independent Bus Operators Fleet Update April 2021

Welcome back to our monthly update on Fleet Changes for the Merseyside Independent Bus Operators, There has been a few changes that have taken place during April so allow me to bring you right up to date! Also sorry this Post is late this month, Its been a busy one for me!



Wright Gemini 's LX05 FCA and LX05 FAK have been Withdrawn from Service bringing the end of this type here.

LX05 FAK on route 139

Happy Als


Into the Fleet is Volvo B7RLE SN57 DCO

HTL Buses


Into the Fleet is MCV Evolution YJ60 GGF

Out The Fleet

Transbus International Dart DK04 SUH has departed for Scrap

DK04 SUH Not In Service

Optare Solo MX54 KXW has also departed for Scrap

Alexander Dennis Dart's SN05 HDF and SN06 BMU have departed for Scrap

Thank you for reading, I will post another update next month assuming there are changes to report!