Merseyside Independent Bus Operators Fleet Updates August 2021

Welcome to the monthly round up of Fleet Changes for the Merseyside Independent Bus Operators:


Out The Fleet 

We believe Wright Gemini's LX05 FCA and LX05 FAK have been sold to Fowlers Travel

LX05 FAK on route 139

Hattons Travel


A number of Buses where declared SORN due to the School Summer Holidays, This update will come too soon for most Buses but Alexander Dennis Dart's BU05 HFV and MX55 YBA have already been taxed ready for use.

MX55 YBA on route 60

HTL Buses


Joining the Fleet is Optare Solo YJ56 AUM, At the time of writing it has not entered service but should do very soon.


Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 DK08 AZO has been Withdrawn from service.

Thank you for reading this Post, If there are fleet changes during September i will write up another Post around this time next month!